Welcome to Naza's Diary - a Blog that focuses on Fashion and everything Fabulous.

This Blog was created out to connect with fashion oriented people and other fashionistas out there... if you love to dress up, we are best friends already!

Why should I read your Blog?
If I was to answer that question humorously then I would say "Because it’s my blog and I am awesome".

Instead I’ll just ask you a few questions:
  • Do you like to talk about wish lists and fashion trend favorites?
  • Do you like looking at outfit photos and scouring for outfit ideas?
  • Are you looking for style advice from the girl next-door?
  • Do you like to talk in fashion language and connect with other fashionistas?
If your answer to most of these questions is yes, then I am your girl and this blog is for you!

For those who want to know more about me.

Here are facts about me:
My name is Chukwumam Ruth, I like to call myself Naza (that’s also my name -short form for Chinazaepere) few of my friends call me Chisom (still my name) and my family calls me Ada (my title and also my name, the English translation is First daughter… Plenty names right?) I'll simplify it... call me Naza...
I am a shoe-aholic with a very sweet tooth. Also I am a bit of an extrovert... I lied! I talk too much!

Not relevant right?
Read on…

I started blogging in 2010 but I am so embarrassed about that blog that I won't mention the name. But I got really interested in style and blogging in May 2013 and after a few trial and error experiments I finally settled with this blog.
I am a bit of a techie person...I always want to do all the coding and design work myself (even though I know it’s tedious and tough) but Google is a good assistant.

Haven't read enough yet?

I am permanently on a sugar high, generally, it’s hard to keep up with me in real life especially when I start talking...Oomph! (Sweet tooth remember!)
I would like to tour the world sometime in the nearest future, I always fancy myself living from my suitcase (or bags and suitcases, one suitcase is not enough).
I am scared of heights but I would love to go bungee jumping in the future (maybe the phobia will leave) or if I am feeling lucky skydiving...
I love cooking and talking recipes but I don't eat a lot... but you probably already noticed that.

Too much information?
Ok! That’s all for now...

But I can't leave without giving one last quirky information about me... I am quite shy! Especially when meeting new people… Unbelievable right?
I know!

If you still need to know more about me...connect with me on any of the listed social media networks.
So if you think we can be buddies, check out my blog regularly and leave comments in the comments section.

Let's get talking!!

PS: No negativity allowed! Positive comments only! Constructive criticism also allowed. But plain hate? Nah!

PPS: You can also introduce yourself. I would like to know about you too!

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