Naturalista or Not?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I have been asking myself the same question for the past month. It's time for my next relaxer touch up but I am not too excited to go. 

I have had it with relaxers, took me three years of painful relaxing session and my hair didn't relax to find the one that works for me. Right now i have to go from Ogudu to Yaba to find the one hairstylist that can actually relax my hair without pain. 

I decided to skip a session for the past month and its not easy. My hair grows pretty quickly but i have not been retaining length. 

But being natural is not easy. I would have preferred the big chop but hubby doesn't want me to. Lol, I don't blame him, I look like a handsome boy without my hair. I need help guys. Should I go natural or not? 

If you are natural haired how do you cope? Any tips, tricks and information you have will be much appreciated. Please leave me a comment below. Thanks.

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