What to pack for a weekend getaway.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

I do need a weekend getaway, Seriously. Three months of baby sitting is no joke. So I decided to fantasize on going on a weekend getaway with the hubby even though it is less likely to happen anytime soon. So if you plan on having some time off work then I am really jealous. But here is a break down of what you will need

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The Travel Outfit
If you decide to go on a road trip or to travel by road, comfort is key. So sneakers and wide legged pants are your best bet to comfort while being stylish. I paired the pants and shoes with a form fitting top to give a flattering silhouette. The backpack will be better to use rather than a handbag to keep the hands free to do other things and still carry the essentials. A jacket will be needed in case of a colder climate. See, you can't go wrong with this outfit.

Dinner Outfit

The Dinner Outfit
Depending on the time you might want to have a dinner date or just drinks at a bar. This outfit has got you covered. I chose a sequined gown to keep things simple but interesting then I went with a rose gold shoe to match the shiny gown. Also I keep the rest of the accessories in the rose gold theme so it looks well thought out and classy. For the make up, shimmery eye make up with nude lipstick worls well.

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The Sight Seeing Outfit
The red themed fun look includes a flower print high waisted shorts and wine fringe top. I paired it with a white straw hat with shades to protect from the sun. Then a black sling bag for hands free movements and the same white shoes from the travel outfit for comfort. A red velvet bow on your hair in place of the hat if it is not too hot outside. Fluffy stud earrings and hand candy with red lipstick to pull the look together.

beach wear
The Beach/ Swim Wear
This is a simple outfit to wear to the beach or just to swim. Black bikini set with a kimono to cover up, paired with a straw hat, flip flops and a pair of sea shell shaped studs.

These are good templates to use to quickly get started in that weekend trip. You can mix and match according to your personality and style. I am definitely saving this pictures to use whenever i do catch that long needed break. What do you think about the looks? Your Style or Nah? Would you rock or discard? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. the outfits make sense. i could just replace some things to fit my taste but overall, would totally rock.

    1. Thanks dear, Glad to know that my fashion sense is still there.


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