My Skin Saviors in the Harmattan.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

If you live in Lagos like me then you will also know that harmattan lasts for like a week or two, three weeks tops. And it is not as bad as the harmattan in the east but it comes with its pros and cons.
One thing I love about the harmattan is the fact that everything drys quickly, but there is dust everywhere! The major challenge I am dealing with now is my daughter's skin. It's dry and flaky, and if I apply moisturizer to her skin, she sweats in torrents. Right now, I am torn between heat rashes or flaky and dry skin. So I apply coconut oil to her skin first, then top it up with dusting powder. Weird skin routine but it seems to do the trick. As for me, these are the products that help my skin stay dry and moisturized in this cruel weather.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion.
This right here is my go-to moisturizer. I usually stay indoors most of the time but if I have to go out for a quick errand, I just slap on this moisturizer and get moving. It works like a charm. Usually this moisturizer would be sufficient especially in this harmattan but because Lagos harmattan comes and goes, I sweat profusely when the harmattan is not too bad.

Neutrogena Alcohol free Toner.
I use this toner anytime I need to clean my face, makeup or not. It is so soothing and it doesn't strip my skin off its natural oils unlike other alcohol based cleansers. When I get my eyebrows done, I use this toner to clean off the excess hair that are left in that area and it doesn't give me that stinging pain I get from other cleansers. I am definitely not letting go of this product anytime soon.

Vaseline Intensive Care Skin Soothe.
My night routine would be incomplete without Vaseline. I have always loved using Vaseline from my childhood days of Vaseline Petroleum jelly, and I have not been disappointed yet.

St Ives Pear Nectar and Soy Body Lotion and St Ives Oatmeal Scrub and mask.
In January 2016, I was given a St Ives trio of products to review and I have been hooked since. Right now I am a St Ives Junkie. From the body scrub to the Liquid bath soap and then the body lotion, I use the complete trio when I want to feel extra good and smell nice without perfume. The St Ives products are 100% natural.

Personal Care Sweet Pea Skin Lotion.
I recently discovered how good this product is in the harmattan. I took it with me to stay in my husband's family house for the holidays and I have been enjoying the relaxing effects of the lotion.

Please note that I have a combination of oily and dry skin naturally, so be careful when trying out new products on your skin to prevent skin reaction. Always do a patch test first.
What are your experiences in this harmattan period. Let's chat in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Harmattan this year is funky, but it remains my favorite season...and am always ready for it. I was going to write something like this. But I'll just link back to this one... Sorry about the baby's rash... I try to wear things that I can switch from Cold to hot ASAP...nice work writing three days in a row. Wish I was as consistent

    1. I have a love-hate relationship with the harmattan season. Consistency is one of my goals for the year. I hope I can keep it up. Thanks Vincent.


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