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Monday, January 02, 2017

Hey loves, How are you doing on the second day of the year? I am still on a new year high. One of the things I really want to achieve this year is to have a grateful heart and actually appreciate people openly! First and foremost I appreciate everyone that reads my blog. I really do, thank you and God bless you! I also want to appreciate the bloggers that I look up to and followed all year.

1. Cassie Daves

Cassie is blogging goals to me. She tops my list because I have watched her grow as a blogger and as a medical doctor. It is not easy but she pulls it off effortlessly. I love my blog planner and I can't wait to see what else you will come up with this year! Hopefully we can collaborate on something cool! *fingers crossed*

2. Veefinition

Valerie's Instagram page is super dope. I stumbled on her page and I haven't stopped checking it out. Her camera angles and poses are very professional. My blog theme is inspired by her blog theme! I hope you aced your exams and your village trip was wonderful. Keep slaying girl!

3. TheDiyLady

Lizzy is a constant source of inspiration to me. Her ever smiling face and bubbly personality is very uplifting. I went through a lot last year but watching her made my day every time! I just want to also congratulate her on her wedding and her hubby's graduation. Congratulations dear, you deserve it.

4. Sonia Ogbonna

Sonia is the ultimate relationship guru. I literally stalk her page just to see what else I can learn. And her body, #postpartumbodygoals! I am still struggling to keep in shape after two months but Sonia did it in two weeks! I learn from her blog every time. I love your boldness and humility. I am a HUGE fan.

5. The Fashion Engineer

Sayedero is the only blogger on the list that I had the pleasure of meeting. She is so down to earth and very relatable. When I saw the news of her CNN style feature I was so proud. Congratulations girl! When we last spoke you said you wanted to loose weight and you have succeeded! I will be needing some tips from you soon.

6. Rhonkefella

Aderonke is a sweetheart. It's hard to watch her and not fall in love instantly. She has such grace about her that is almost enviable. One of my goals this year is to meet her and talk to her. I really wished I could be there for her yard sale but mommy duties didn't allow me. Congratulations on your clothing line dear.

Those are the bloggers that made my 2016 interesting! I actively stalk them every day and I am so encouraged. Hard work really pays. My 2017 will be interesting if I get to meet them.
I would also want to discover other blogs and stalk them too! If you have a blog please leave the link below and I will check it out! Other social media links are welcome too! Cheers to a great 2017.

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  1. Hey naza! Happy New Year and thank you so so much for this feature! I really appreciate it

    Cassie Daves Blog My 2016 In Words.

  2. Anytime dear. I am learning from you. Keep Slaying!

  3. I love Cassie!!! She is my major inspiration in starting my own blog, she is also very nice and real and so down to earth even though she has lots of reasons to be proud!!! I don't know the other blogger though *hides face* I really need to discover more bloggers instead of sticking to the ones I know, nice work setting up your blog. I had a little ish with blogger song I went to WordPress. Do take out time to check out my blog.

    1. Nice Blog Vincent! It seems like you are also sticking to the Monochrome look too. I love monochrome! Blogger is really hard to work with but i will manage for now. I will start stalking you too *covers eyes*

  4. And am gonna try to share your post on FB and Twitter

  5. Great list, naza. Happy New year!



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